Landing Page Template & Testing

At 83bar, we learned that simple, focused landing pages always outpaced full microsites. We identified consistently successful formats for content that worked across campaigns and products.

From these learning, I worked with the Director of Strategy to develop an iterative modular system to incorporate split testing. I designed a workflow for different content develop teams. It is used by our internal team, third party contractors, and a landing page optimization strategist.

Our master template is constantly incorporating the significant learnings from various split tests.

This way, each of our campaigns may benefit from one another and our library of proven content can grow.

We chose Instapage as a page builder because of its simplicity. The drag and drop style is accessible for writers, designers, and non-developers. For more complex content, HTML blocks and header/footer code injections are available.

The template includes all modules and formats that are pared down by strategists based on the campaign needs.

The template focuses on specific formats based on the content type.

landing page-directions.png