I'm a designer based in Austin, Texas.

I studied Product Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and grew up in the Midwest. Yes, I do love Detroit and I think it's an incredible city with incredible people. It's just too cold for me.


but I approach design from a systematic, solutions oriented perspective. I love imagining, creating, and distilling user journeys and experiences. 

I do a wide variety of design work and i'm used to wearing tons of different hats. I've designed brand marks and UIs, developed email campaigns and even jumped into some front-end development. BUT Product development is my jam. Wearing all those hats have turned into learning experiences. Each hat is just another tool to help me craft a more robust narrative for user experiences.

I love learning

I'm self taught in HTML, CSS, and motion graphics. I'm currently learning Javascript and always learning more UX methods! I like to keep myself open to new concepts and ways of seeing things. I feel that if I'm not learning, I'm not doing my best as a designer. Perhaps it's some Millennial FOMO, but I like to think it's a valid method (a responsibility?) to always be inclusive and grow.

What's my process?

Well, that's a very long story.

In my spare time

I do a lot of traveling and rock climbing. It is absolutely a futile kind of hobby, but I love myself a good challenge. There's something about being uprooted or somewhere unfamiliar that distills the important things in life!

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