ALDA is a drawing app about using imagination to create amazing things out of very little.

It began as a childhood game: Garfield Leonious challenged his children to create a drawing out of an abstract shape he drew. Everyone would vote for the best image to be put on the fridge for the week. He approached Marvel Apps in 2014 to share this game of creativity with the rest of the world over the iPad and iPhone. The app is named after his mother, a wonderful cook who taught him how to make amazing meals out of very little.



The app is designed for both tablet & mobile phone and features solo drawing, art work display, and group and mass gameplay. It is social in nature, but has multiple restriction levels for appropriate child protection and use.



A private, multiplayer version was developed for additional restricted gameplay. In this version, a group of known individuals would begin a game and each take turns as a prompt creator or a player. Images created in this setting remained private by default until shared.


Mobile Version